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Doesn’t Everyone?

Doesn’t everyone have wool roving sun drying in the cab of their pickup?

Or yarn marinating in their crock pot?

How about soaking in the September sun in the backyard?

You don’t?  Well, then perhaps you should buy some of mine…


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Pussy Willow

My sweet little Pussy Willow during one of last winter’s snows.

It was a pink, French Pussywillow, the tag said, and it was only to get 5-7′.  So I bought it and brought it home, where I loved it and watered it and planted it next to my house.  And it grew.  And grew some more. Then it grew a little more.  And before long it was 20′ high and trying to rip off the gutters on my house.

And City Boy was not happy with it.

Or with me for bringing it home and planting it next to my house.

And it grew some more.

So now City Boy has a tractor on loan, and when he finished with the work around the barn he turned his attention to the corner of the house where my poor[s] little[/s] willow tree stood quivering with fear.  And he ripped it out.

But I think that the City Boy will not be so happy next year when there are 20 new little pink French Pussywillows growing up from the root system that was left behind.  Shhhh…don’t tell him.  It will be our little secret.  And I will love them and water them and they will only grow 5-7′ tall….

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On the Trail

It was early, and the sun was shining. The phone rang and my new trail riding buddy called to say she’d be at the trail head at 9 am. Cool! Someone to ride with…

Typically, I’d ridden alone. Not the smartest idea, especially on a green horse. Or a brown or black one, for that matter. But it seemed linking up with someone who wanted to ride as often as I did wasn’t so easy. Of course, I’ve got the advantage of living across the road from the trail system, but should that make any difference? Just because diesel is pushing $5 gallon and it costs people $10-20 to come ride with me, does that mean they ought not be showing up two or three or five times a week?

Apparently, they believe it is, so alone I’ve been. Until one day last month when a couple trailers pulled in shortly after me. Sandy was saddled and I struck up a conversation. One of them asked if I’d like to ride along, and you can bet your green bananas I jumped at the offer. A couple hours later and the more adventuresome of the trio of riders took my number so that we could go up and do some more exploring. Which is why at 7:30 am I was doing the happy happy trail rider dance and my horse was looking at me like I’d lost my mind.

Above valley with the San Juan Islands in the distance.

Many, many years ago there was a logging road at the top of Stewart Mountain that crossed lengthwise and as a kid I recall having ridden it a few times. We’d leave our house, hit a few trails, find the logging road, then come down another trail until we were at the other end of the road we lived on. Just four miles on the blacktop, but who knows how many miles we put on up in those hills. All in all, it took us roughly 8 hours to make the loop. I’ve been back up that hill so many times these past few months and not been able to find the road that led across and it’s frustrated me. But Torri has ridden up there more recently, and though it’d been a few years she was able to find the trail I’d been missing, and off we went!

Torri and Dakota overlooking the Canadian Border

We rode through some incredible trails before hitting the old logging road up top. Things had changed since I was a kid; new roads led through recently logged areas. Baby trees were coming up, waiting for a couple of decades to pass before they, too, would be cut. The views were spectacular over the San Juan Islands and the Canadian Rockies. Torri assured me they were about to get even better. Hard for me to believe that, but she was right!

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The view of Mt Baker was spectacular!
Hopefully it won’t take you as long to do the puzzle as it took for me to ride up there.

We didn’t do the 8 hour ride.   There was work being done up there with dump trucks and other machinery as they were building new roads into the hills.  That was okay.  We ended up being gone 6 hours, which gave me one tired little horse by the time we got back down to the bottom.  And me…well, I was longing for those padded undies…

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How’s your knowledge of US Geography?

Mine, it would appear, is severely lacking. I could hardly get anything outside of the western states in place.  Who decided to have such teensie little states in the east, anyway?

Test your time. See how you do!

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