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There’s an unusual amount of traffic heading up my road today.

I’d already been to Darling’s room once, encouraging her to climb out of bed and get ready for school.  This was round two…


…so why was I getting such an enthusiastic response from my half asleep teen buried deep beneath layers of blankets and pillows?

Because I just informed her that school is  closed due to flooding, that’s why.

Our mounds of white mud are melting away, creating havoc when combined with the torrential rains that have joined the warming weather.  I heard the rain pounding down all night long and knew I’d wake up to flooded stalls this morning.  The snow was so deep that it was at a higher elevation than the barn, and as the packed snow and ice melts, it has no choice but to run directly into the bedrooms of my horses.  And so I shall have quite the mess to clean up.

Had it not been for City Boy’s phone call, I’d not have known school was closed.  I’d have shuffled Darling out the door and left her waiting for the bus in the pouring rain.   Eventually she’d have come home looking like a drowned rat.  City Boy had been on his way home from work when he heard the news on his radio.  Just as he was calling me, he came across a road closed sign and had to make a detour (which explains the traffic in front of my house this morning.)  When he finally made it home, he informed me that our road, too, is flooding.

Of course, there’s nothing like a good natural disaster to get me out with my camera!

It doesn’t appear all too impressive here, although if our road has this much water, I’m certain the river will be great fun to photograph.  I’d best get Darling up so she doesn’t miss the excitement!


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Today is Darling’s birthday.  She’s 15.  She’s also still in bed, the lazy birthday bum!

I looked at Geek Boy this morning and said, “Do you know that Darling could go get her driver’s permit today?”

He looked horrified, “No…that wouldn’t be good.  I’ve seen her drive in video games.”

I laughed, “I’ve seen her push shopping carts!”

We both laughed…

Darling will not be getting her permit today, or any day soon.  Thankfully, she’s not in a rush to drive all her friends around, and with the snow and ice on the ground she can surely use that as an excuse for not wanting to rush it.

And why drive when you can ride?  Snooping around Darling’s videos I found this one that she shot of herself and Sandy.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

…and Darling, if you’re reading this…you’re one cool kid!  Happy Birthday, Darling!

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