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Wild Horse Euthanasia

A couple weeks ago the BLM announced that the budget cannot afford to feed all the horses that are currently in holding facilities here in the west.  30,000 mustangs are running free on the ranges, while another 30,000 are in long term holding facilities.  Those in holding are literally eating up the budget.

With so many horses in holding there isn’t enough money to continue with gathers of the mustangs breeding out in the wild.

Why do they need to gather?  The rangelands only support so many horses, and with an increase in herd size and little in the way of predators, the horses soon overgraze the land and are left victims of starvation.

You, however, can help make the difference in the lives of two wild horses.  This weekend I’ll be driving down to Molalla, OR where I’ll pick up two mustangs and transport them back up here where I’ll be giving gentling demonstrations, then adopting them out at our fair in August.  But I need your help!  Fuel is costly, and my budget, much like the BLM’s, has been greatly diminished with all the hauling I’ve done this year.  If you’d like to help make a difference, please consider purchasing a Soapy Six Pack!

Soapy Six Packs are six bars of handmade soap, created here at my home with my own two little hands 🙂  Bars normally sell for $6 each, but now can be purchased for just $20 plus $9.80 shipping (flat rate priority) if ordered by Weds, July 9.  That’s right…you’ve got just two days.  I’ll even toss in a Cowboy Kisses lip balm, featuring my favorite Forgetful Cowboy on the label!

The goal?  20 six packs in the next two days.

You could be helping someone find their new best friend…


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I don’t think so.  But Darling and the Geek Boy to think me a bit odd sometimes.  But it just couldn’t be helped.  The Ghost was calling out to me from the depths of my computer files.  He wanted to come out to play with Photo Shop and I, and how could I say no?  So out he came and we played and played.  I don’t think I’m done playing just yet.  It’s still not quite right.  Perhaps he ought to be a bit smaller?  Maybe his back hooves should be a little more transparent.  What do you think?  I’m going to continue to tinker with him, but this is it for now.

I think I really need a white horse, don’t you?  A real live one, not a ghostly computer likeness.  Sure wish I knew where the real Ghost ended up…

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Choose one.


Because I can’t.

Maybe I don’t like any of them.

Maybe I like them all.

Are they garish and ugly this color?

Tell me which one you like.  You have to.  It’s a new rule starting right now, the moment you read this.  Leave a comment, tell me which one.  I’ll draw a name and someone will win a year at a glance calendar with the image they like the best.

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Do you like…er…

Big Butts???

I may have posed that question to you in the past, I really don’t recall.  I do know that I’ve been working on a few old photos here from this summer’s draft horse pull and sure have had fun with this one!  Not that the saying is all that original, of course, but I couldn’t come up with anything more clever and I wanted to add it to my Cafe Press web store.

Of course, once I get started, you know I have a hard time stopping!

Bored with the draft horses, I had to move on.  I dug through my files until I found one of Darling…

Of course, with the holidays upon us, I had to do one for Christmas, in Christmas red for the cards, right?

(Sorry, Darling…it just had to be done!)

 Okay, City Boy is due home anytime and I’ve not lifted a finger except to do my mousework here, so perhaps I’d best go look for the vacuum cleaner or was a dish or something.

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Back away from the photoshop, Mom, and no one will get hurt…

Yesterday someone popped into one of my older posts and I responded with an email.  That email then led me to her website and her photos on Flickr.




They were wonderful.  The subject matter being that which is close to my heart, horses, there was one in particular that stood out.  It was of her Jasper, a two year old gelding that she’s working with.  He seems very much like my Sunny in many respects from what I read on her blog.  Oh, yes, please do go visit.

I pulled up one of her photos and decided to give it a try.  The technique, that is.  It was Jasper, but he was coming out of a black background.  Like a black mist, almost, and he was so shiny and magnificent looking…  So I pulled out a photo of Sunny and began to work.

Darling passed behind me and exclaimed, “Oh, I like that!”  I was about to say thank you, when she continued, “Um, not Sunny, but the other one…”  Gee, never mind the thank you.

“Oh, are you trying to do the same thing?”  Yeah!  Kid catches on quick…I must be getting close…”Good luck with that.”

At that point Darling left the room and I must admit I was happy to see her go.  Refusing to give up, I decided that I needed a different photo.  Sunny’s bright, coppery color didn’t lend itself well to this velvety fog.  Or perhaps it was just my 9lack of) skill.  So I pulled up the appy mare and foal pic that you saw the other day and gave it another go.  Not quite as nice as Jasper’s photo, but I’m happy enough with it.  At least tonight.  Tomorrow I may be embarrassed that I ever posted it here!



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Say Cheese! 


I do not profess to be a great photographer.  Sure, I enjoy my time behind the lens, but I’m not great at it.  Photoshop is my best friend.

I’m also not the best at judging other people’s work.  I tend to let my personal likes and dislikes get in the way.  I mean…subject matter tends to peak my interest more than the quality of work.

That said, someone sent a link today asking for folks to vote for their friend’s photo.  She’d entered into one of those online contests.  I clicked the link and found a somewhat fuzzy photo of a couple of horses.  Your run of the mill disposable camera snapshot. I cringed, then began cruising through the other photos and realized what an excellent shot it actually was! Which leads me to this:

The Desperate Horsewife’s Ten rules for entering  Online Photo Contests. 

1)  Try to have your photo right side up.  It’s the little details like this that count.

2) Yes, your baby is darling.  So is the next person’s baby, an the next person’s, and the next…at least to you.  Personally?  I think it looks like a squished up raisin.  It looks just like the next squished up raisin that was entered.  And they’re both blurry.  Next time why not enter something a little more special…photographically speaking.

3)  It’s helpful if your flash isn’t reflected in the window when you’re trying to take that amazing sunset shot.

4)  If you’re going to label your photo ‘Squirrel’, don’t you think we ought to be able to see the squirrel?

5)  That picture of your dog?  Doing what he’s doing to that person’s leg?  You shouldn’t have.  Really.

6)  Maybe it would be good if it were actually your photo entered and not one done at a studio?

7) Why is that cat wearing a party hat?  Were you drunk when you took it?  Because it’s blurry… What?  It’s your wife?  I’m so sorry…

8)  Auto focus is your friend…trust me.

9)  Do you think maybe you should have had your subject’s head in the photo?

10) Do not send in photos of your half dressed significant other.  You may find the beer belly charming, hanging the way it does over the top of his swim trunks, but the rest of us could do without that image in our minds the rest of the day.

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Is it Wednesday?

So…is it Wednesday? 

Just checking, because you know, I was wrong last week!

We’re going to play the game a little differently here today.  I don’t really need a caption (although, feel free to provide one if you’re inspired!)  No, what I’m wanting is for you to answer me, What Is This?  And please…be specific!  All of the correct answers will be placed into a basket and a winner will be drawn.  What will the winner win?  Well, if I told you that, you may not play!  Ha!


Can you tell me what this is?

Needless to say, I’ve been having some fun with Photoshop again.  I’ll show you the original tomorrow when I announce the winner.



My friend Candace is moving. 

I met Candace while working for a soap supply company; she was one of our wonderful customers.  I say wonderful not because all our customers were wonderful (some truly were not), nor because she was a frequent customer (which she was), but because Candace is truly a wonderful woman.  There are some people in this world who just bring a smile to your face when you see them walk through the door, and Candace always put a smile on  mine,  no matter how many horrible customers or failed batches of soap had come before her.

Candace also has been selling at the same market that I have.  She parks her soap at one end of the market, I park mine at the other.  Thankfully, Darling is there to help me and I’m able to steal away to go visit Candace during the day.

Last Saturday was Candace’s last day.  She’s moving to Arizona, where I hear they have a little global warming going on.  I’ve never been a fan of Arizona, but at the moment I’d like a little bit of global warming.  So Candace, when you get there, will you pack me up a box of sunshine and ship it to me?  I’d appreciate it.  And Candace?  I’ll miss you!  (But I’ll gladly keep your northern customers supplied with soap in your absence!)


Candace’s beautiful soaps will also be missed!


Now, just for fun, I had to take this little quiz!  Of course, it came out exactly the way I thought it would…I’m a good girl, I y’am!  (Well, at least most of the time!)

You Are a Good Girl

You are 70% Good and 30% BadGenerally speaking, you’re a very good girl.

(But you don’t have us totally fooled!)

Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?

Don’t forget to vote!

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