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Global what???

It’s everywhere. That light, fluffy and deceptively alluring objectionable white stuff has covered my world and created once more a Winter Wonderland. Wonder, as in wondering why the heck am I not living where global warming is having a greater effect???

Over the course of the past week we’ve managed to collect at least 18″ of the dreadful four letter S word, with temps plummeting into the single digits here in the valley, lower still once you head into Little Canada (north county) where the wind blows.

This morning after feeding hungry horses and sheep, I grabbed my camera and took a few photos in the pre-dawn moments. Despite the cold, I was determined to capture the horror of my situation here and share it with you.

Darling’s mind has completely gone. Snow madness, I suspect. I came inside and found her editing a video she’d shot of herself riding Sandy out in the snow…she had her arms stretched out like she was an airplane as he jogged in circles.

“What the heck are you doing?” I demanded in my best mother voice.

“I figure this is the time to try riding with no hands; the landing’s got to be softer!”


I am currently training a new horse for the Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover!  If  you’d like to keep up with what Darling and I are doing on a more regular basis, please visit the Mustang Diaries.


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Choose one.


Because I can’t.

Maybe I don’t like any of them.

Maybe I like them all.

Are they garish and ugly this color?

Tell me which one you like.  You have to.  It’s a new rule starting right now, the moment you read this.  Leave a comment, tell me which one.  I’ll draw a name and someone will win a year at a glance calendar with the image they like the best.

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Back away from the photoshop, Mom, and no one will get hurt…

Yesterday someone popped into one of my older posts and I responded with an email.  That email then led me to her website and her photos on Flickr.




They were wonderful.  The subject matter being that which is close to my heart, horses, there was one in particular that stood out.  It was of her Jasper, a two year old gelding that she’s working with.  He seems very much like my Sunny in many respects from what I read on her blog.  Oh, yes, please do go visit.

I pulled up one of her photos and decided to give it a try.  The technique, that is.  It was Jasper, but he was coming out of a black background.  Like a black mist, almost, and he was so shiny and magnificent looking…  So I pulled out a photo of Sunny and began to work.

Darling passed behind me and exclaimed, “Oh, I like that!”  I was about to say thank you, when she continued, “Um, not Sunny, but the other one…”  Gee, never mind the thank you.

“Oh, are you trying to do the same thing?”  Yeah!  Kid catches on quick…I must be getting close…”Good luck with that.”

At that point Darling left the room and I must admit I was happy to see her go.  Refusing to give up, I decided that I needed a different photo.  Sunny’s bright, coppery color didn’t lend itself well to this velvety fog.  Or perhaps it was just my 9lack of) skill.  So I pulled up the appy mare and foal pic that you saw the other day and gave it another go.  Not quite as nice as Jasper’s photo, but I’m happy enough with it.  At least tonight.  Tomorrow I may be embarrassed that I ever posted it here!



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Say Cheese! 


I do not profess to be a great photographer.  Sure, I enjoy my time behind the lens, but I’m not great at it.  Photoshop is my best friend.

I’m also not the best at judging other people’s work.  I tend to let my personal likes and dislikes get in the way.  I mean…subject matter tends to peak my interest more than the quality of work.

That said, someone sent a link today asking for folks to vote for their friend’s photo.  She’d entered into one of those online contests.  I clicked the link and found a somewhat fuzzy photo of a couple of horses.  Your run of the mill disposable camera snapshot. I cringed, then began cruising through the other photos and realized what an excellent shot it actually was! Which leads me to this:

The Desperate Horsewife’s Ten rules for entering  Online Photo Contests. 

1)  Try to have your photo right side up.  It’s the little details like this that count.

2) Yes, your baby is darling.  So is the next person’s baby, an the next person’s, and the next…at least to you.  Personally?  I think it looks like a squished up raisin.  It looks just like the next squished up raisin that was entered.  And they’re both blurry.  Next time why not enter something a little more special…photographically speaking.

3)  It’s helpful if your flash isn’t reflected in the window when you’re trying to take that amazing sunset shot.

4)  If you’re going to label your photo ‘Squirrel’, don’t you think we ought to be able to see the squirrel?

5)  That picture of your dog?  Doing what he’s doing to that person’s leg?  You shouldn’t have.  Really.

6)  Maybe it would be good if it were actually your photo entered and not one done at a studio?

7) Why is that cat wearing a party hat?  Were you drunk when you took it?  Because it’s blurry… What?  It’s your wife?  I’m so sorry…

8)  Auto focus is your friend…trust me.

9)  Do you think maybe you should have had your subject’s head in the photo?

10) Do not send in photos of your half dressed significant other.  You may find the beer belly charming, hanging the way it does over the top of his swim trunks, but the rest of us could do without that image in our minds the rest of the day.

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Is it Wednesday?

So…is it Wednesday? 

Just checking, because you know, I was wrong last week!

We’re going to play the game a little differently here today.  I don’t really need a caption (although, feel free to provide one if you’re inspired!)  No, what I’m wanting is for you to answer me, What Is This?  And please…be specific!  All of the correct answers will be placed into a basket and a winner will be drawn.  What will the winner win?  Well, if I told you that, you may not play!  Ha!


Can you tell me what this is?

Needless to say, I’ve been having some fun with Photoshop again.  I’ll show you the original tomorrow when I announce the winner.



My friend Candace is moving. 

I met Candace while working for a soap supply company; she was one of our wonderful customers.  I say wonderful not because all our customers were wonderful (some truly were not), nor because she was a frequent customer (which she was), but because Candace is truly a wonderful woman.  There are some people in this world who just bring a smile to your face when you see them walk through the door, and Candace always put a smile on  mine,  no matter how many horrible customers or failed batches of soap had come before her.

Candace also has been selling at the same market that I have.  She parks her soap at one end of the market, I park mine at the other.  Thankfully, Darling is there to help me and I’m able to steal away to go visit Candace during the day.

Last Saturday was Candace’s last day.  She’s moving to Arizona, where I hear they have a little global warming going on.  I’ve never been a fan of Arizona, but at the moment I’d like a little bit of global warming.  So Candace, when you get there, will you pack me up a box of sunshine and ship it to me?  I’d appreciate it.  And Candace?  I’ll miss you!  (But I’ll gladly keep your northern customers supplied with soap in your absence!)


Candace’s beautiful soaps will also be missed!


Now, just for fun, I had to take this little quiz!  Of course, it came out exactly the way I thought it would…I’m a good girl, I y’am!  (Well, at least most of the time!)

You Are a Good Girl

You are 70% Good and 30% BadGenerally speaking, you’re a very good girl.

(But you don’t have us totally fooled!)

Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?

Don’t forget to vote!

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Ewe’s all Terrific!

Ewe all were so helpful!  Ewe offered up so many wickedly clever names, and I laughed my fool head off reading through them.  Alas, there is but one winner.  Which of ewe wins?

Well, after careful scrutiny of all those wonderful entries, Darling and I finally decided that Ewe Da Man is the winner!  Congratulations, Paul! I’d been thinking I needed something a little masceweline sounding.  I’ll get ewe’s contact info once the soap is made and ready to ship!



What did we do prior to digital cameras?  Back in the day of film, you didn’t waste shots, because each click of the shutter meant you had to pay money.  Not only did we not want to pay money for pics that may not turn out, we certainly didn’t want people at the photo processing places to see the silly shots we were taking. 

Can you imagine what they’d be thinking when they came across an entire roll of this?



I mean, how many pictures of one sheep udder does a person need?


Obviously, I need several shots of the same udder.



And from several different angles.


Not to mention pictures of her vulva.


Needless to say, people may find rolls of film like this a bit odd…


Worse yet, what would they say about this???


(Note to self; don’t let Darling do my hair, take photos and insist I look good enough to go to town anymore!)

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

Are you dressed all in green today? You may have noticed that I changed the color around here to reflect my Irish roots!
The weather here is so gloomy, dreary and gray; it’s been like this since November. I was flipping through some of my older photos and realized just how much I miss the sunshine! Darling asked me why I take the camera with me everywhere I go, and I told her just in case there was something to take a picture of; then I realized the only thing out there are clouds, clouds, and more clouds!

But since playing a bit in Photoshop, I’ve discovered I can manipulate those clouds, and I’ve begun looking at them in a whole different manner. I was on my way to bible study just the other night when I began looking at the clouds. They were thin in areas, puffy in others, and just opaque enough to allow a little light from the sun to glow through. Fortunately for me, I had the camera along and started taking pictures! Unfortunately for everyone else on the road, I had my camera along and didn’t pull over before taking pictures!

I’m not sure why everyone was getting their undies in a bunch. Sure, I’d managed to dip down to 45 in a 55 zone. Why were they in such a hurry? Didn’t they see how perfectly lovely those clouds were? Don’t they know I’m shooting photos for my blog, so that all of you can enjoy them? Didn’t that guy in the ambulance recognize just how perfect your timing needs to be in order to capture the light just right before you drive behind a tree and completely miss the photo opportunity? I mean, really…sheesh! Some folks are just all about me, me, me!

In any case, I managed to get this picture below.
I’m sure you can see why I had to hold up traffic; aren’t those clouds just divine? Look at them out there in the distance, with just a hint of gold showing through…

And the tweaked rendition! More gold, less road… So totally worth holding up traffic, don’t you think?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go clad my body in green before the rest of the sleepy heads around here get up and realize they can pinch me!

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