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Last week Darling and I drove down to Burns, Oregon, where I picked up my new Mustang Makeover competition horse.  It was lovely.  The sky was blue.  There was no mud.  Sure, it was a bit chilly, but it was better than the mud that oozes through the holes in a farm diva’s boots back home.

While there we took a drive with a friend up to the Steens Mountains where we were blessed to come upon a large herd of horses.  Wild horses.  No fences…just thousands and thousands of acres.   It was a desperate horsewife’s dream, to be surrounded by mustangs so close you could nearly touch them.  And yes, I do mean we were that close!  And yes, I do mean wild!  But we were quiet, not disruptive, and while the older stallions watched with suspicion from the top of the ridge, the younger horses stuck to their guns and continued to graze peacefully while we lustfully filled our cameras with images of this oh-so-amazing experience.

Back home, however, the skies are nothing like they were in Burns.  They are gray and dripping and dreary and threatening to snow on us.  They have created mud that sucks even my beloved muck boots from my feet when I go outside to work the horses.

Yesterday I was working with the new boy, Steve Holt!, and once finished I found I’d gained 20 lbs from the mud that was now caked on my jeans and sweatshirt.  I got the brainy idea that I should grab Darling’s little camera and video myself.  But when I played it back,  I looked stupid.  Not the normal embarrassing stupid that I normally look like…I haven’t got an issue with that…I was just totally dorky!  I couldn’t figure out how to delete the video, though, and wouldn’t you know that Darling found it?  And she’s threatening me with it!

“I’m  going to call it, The Stupid Things My Mother Does,” she said with an evil grin as she ran off with my embarrassing moments.   Some gratitude from the kid who gave me stretch marks, or who’s most embarrassing video of her I deleted for all eternity.  Now I’m wishing I’d kept it so that I had something to blackmail her with!


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I don’t think so.  But Darling and the Geek Boy to think me a bit odd sometimes.  But it just couldn’t be helped.  The Ghost was calling out to me from the depths of my computer files.  He wanted to come out to play with Photo Shop and I, and how could I say no?  So out he came and we played and played.  I don’t think I’m done playing just yet.  It’s still not quite right.  Perhaps he ought to be a bit smaller?  Maybe his back hooves should be a little more transparent.  What do you think?  I’m going to continue to tinker with him, but this is it for now.

I think I really need a white horse, don’t you?  A real live one, not a ghostly computer likeness.  Sure wish I knew where the real Ghost ended up…

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Dwight Storm

Riddler, a Kiger Mustang we saw while on vacation in April 

Darling has said if when she gets another mustang she will name it Dwight Storm.  Why?  I don’t even have a clue.  Some silly song where the horse was called Dwight, and Darling suddenly screams out, “Dwight Storm!”  I’ve really given up trying to figure that girl out.

In a few weeks there’s going to be a big adoption event down in Oregon at the Wild Horse Corrals.  Big may be an understatement.  We’re used to seeing a hundred or two folks show up to the local events.  They pale in comparison to the one coming up.  Why?  Because the Kigers have been rounded up and are once again available.  And thousands of people from all over the country fly in for the event.  I was asked to come and sell my wares, a table had been set aside for me even.  And I’d sure love to go…

A group of Kiger yearlings will be adopted out Nov. 10. 

Kiger Mustangs are a breed apart.  Thought to be one of the most pure strains of Spanish mustangs existing in the wild today, direct descendants of the Spanish Barb, the horses brought over by Spanish Conquistadors.  They were ‘discovered’, if you will, in 1971 when a BLM employee spotted a herd that exhibited similar characteristics.  While most herds are groups of horses that have escaped or been turned loose, saddle horses, ranch horses and cavalry mounts, these horses were definitely different.  DNA testing showed them to have high levels of Spanish markers, linking them to the explorers of the 1600s.

Because of their uniqueness, the BLM decided to manage the herd and preserve it.  They turned out twenty of these horses into the Kiger Herd Management Area and seven into the Riddle Mountain HMA.  Now, over 30 years later, these two herds of Kiger horses are thriving.  There is a round up held approximately every four years where these horses can be adopted.  The last time there was a Kiger adoption, one filly sold for a record $19,000!


This beautiful blue color is called Grulla (the double ‘l’ makes a ‘y’ sound.) 

While Darling and I were perusing the BLM website last night and I was drooling over Kigers, Darling suddenly screams in my ear, “Dwight Storm!  There’s Dwight Storm!”  My ear is still ringing this morning.  At first I wasn’t sure what Darling was talking about.  I mean, I knew she wanted to name a horse Dwight, but not a Kiger…and then I  spotted it.  Spotted being the key word.  Darling wants an Appaloosa, not a Kiger.  And there it was… Darling’s Dwight Storm.

I’m not sure a mare is going to enjoy being called Dwight, Darling… 

Unfortunately for Darling, she’ll just have to wait, as I cannot afford to have a horse hauled home from Oregon.  She sure is pretty, though, isn’t she?  That striking gray mane and those red spots?  She’d be the ultimate Christmas present, no doubt about it!  Sorry, Darling…you’ll just have to settle for the photo.  I’m sure another Dwight Storm will come along…

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I just got these cool posters in the mail from my friend Ramona at the BLM in Oregon. Darling and I are doing a demo on adopting a wild horse at Super Saturday in a couple of weeks and these posters are to hand out. Cool, eh? (Did you know I spoke a second language? Yep, American and Canadian, eh!)

“City Boy…can we get ducklings?”

The answer was no. No ducklings. No more animals, he said. Hmph. It’s not like we’ve got that many. Two cats. Three dogs. Seven chickens. Two horses. Six sheep. That’s not too many.

Perhaps I shouldn’t list how many of each we’ve got…that way if I decide to get a few more chickens, he won’t notice…right?

I came across a blog tonight that talked about Guinea Hens. Have you ever owned a guinea? It’s a pleasure everyone ought enjoy at some point. We had them years ago, back when City Boy, the little Geek Boy and I were still living in town. Town was not the best place to keep barnyard foul, so before long they were living at Hovander Park. I’d tell you the story, but I think instead you ought to read the blog post I came across. I’m thinking it’s booger worthy…see what you think.

Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? I didn’t watch much…did manage to catch Tom Cruise. I’m not a Cruise fan; thought it funny that he received such applause. Perhaps they were afraid he’d jump up and down on their chairs if not encouraged to stay up on stage? And talk about a politically correct Oscar night…well, I’d rather not.

Moving right along…

Six, Seven, Eight…

It’s a lot easier to get ten sit ups done when you begin with number six. I’m beginning to lose hope in ever getting my inspiration jeans on. I’ve completely ignored them hanging in my bathroom. My middle is just as round as it’s been since eating turkey at Thanksgiving…and Christmas…and all that candy last Halloween… It doesn’t help that City Boy is home so much these days. Do you know that man only works 14 days a month? Yet another reason the empire he works for can be considered evil. Not that I mind having him home, but he either takes me out to dinner of feeds me huge, delicious meals here. I know…I should complain of such a thing! But my jeans don’t fit, dad gum it! They just don’t fit. And I hate to think I wasted that 99 cents at the thrift store! I guess I can’t complain too loudly…he didn’t buy me chocolate for Valentine’s Day. (Please picture that little eye rolling emoticon here.)

I need an Oreo cookie…hang on, I’ll be right back.

I wish we’d gotten the double stuff ones. Not that I’m eating them, of course…

Are you getting excited to learn about the contest? Want a little clue as to when it is? Tough. Not today. Just keep coming back, and coming back…and pretty soon you’ll find it. The theme? Coming Clean…

Okay, then…just a peek at the prize basket! But don’t tell anyone else I let you look!

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