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Global what???

It’s everywhere. That light, fluffy and deceptively alluring objectionable white stuff has covered my world and created once more a Winter Wonderland. Wonder, as in wondering why the heck am I not living where global warming is having a greater effect???

Over the course of the past week we’ve managed to collect at least 18″ of the dreadful four letter S word, with temps plummeting into the single digits here in the valley, lower still once you head into Little Canada (north county) where the wind blows.

This morning after feeding hungry horses and sheep, I grabbed my camera and took a few photos in the pre-dawn moments. Despite the cold, I was determined to capture the horror of my situation here and share it with you.

Darling’s mind has completely gone. Snow madness, I suspect. I came inside and found her editing a video she’d shot of herself riding Sandy out in the snow…she had her arms stretched out like she was an airplane as he jogged in circles.

“What the heck are you doing?” I demanded in my best mother voice.

“I figure this is the time to try riding with no hands; the landing’s got to be softer!”


I am currently training a new horse for the Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover!  If  you’d like to keep up with what Darling and I are doing on a more regular basis, please visit the Mustang Diaries.


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When a Family Member Dies…

It’s hard when a family member passes.  At least for some.  In this particular instance, I’m ashamed to say, I’m rather relieved.

He wasn’t very nice.  Small, cold, heartless…

Completely into making my life miserable.

To be honest, I don’t think he ever said a kind word to anyone.

All that could be forgiven if he’d at least left some money behind.

Listen to me!  As cold as he was, I swear.  He’s left me bitter.  I haven’t even shed a tear.

Still…the way he lost his head like that.  To be expected, I suppose.  He was a bit on the tipsy side.

But what a gruesome sight to come upon!

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Does God Know it’s Nearly April?


I’m just wondering, because it seems He’s forgotten to turn off the snow button.  Maybe Al Gore forgot to forward the video about global warming to Him?  Do you suppose the angels forgot to give him the Memo?


Only 270 days left till Christmas!

We had a couple inches of wet, heavy snow fall over night and it shows no signs of stopping.  It just keeps coming down.  And you know how I feel about snow.  It slows down my outdoor chores tremendously.  I get cold, the ground gets sloppy beneath my boots; there’s nothing pretty about muddy snow.   And as it’s a wet snow, it also becomes slick when you try to navigate your way across it.  Less pretty than muddy snow is a muddy Horsewife’s hiney after she’s picked herself up out of it.  Snow is not my friend.


But today…well, today I might be able to make an exception.   You see, it’s the annual bike race around my valley.  And as great as my passionate feelings for snow, they’re even greater for bicycles.  If there’s one thing I dislike more than the Objectionable White Stuff, it’s a bicycle hogging up my road making it difficult to navigate my way home.

 Last year’s race had no snow

“You’re just like your Father,” said my mom one day.  “He can’t stand bicycles out here.  No where to pass them legally with that double yellow line between town and home.”


“The two of you should try bowling,” I answered.


She gave me a dubious look.


“You open the door as he’s driving past and see how many you can take out.  Then record your score.  We’ll compare later in the week to see if you can get a higher score than Darling and I.”


Don’t they look like they’re having fun?
If it was that much fun last year,
I can’t imagine they’d want to be here in the snow…

Yup, bicycles are a nuisance.  More so than snow.  And today there’s a lovely white blanket covering the ground.  Wonder if they’ll cancel the race?

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They’re falling stars. No, really. They fell straight out of the sky all night and now they’re laying in a dusting all over my ground. People tend to think stars are big, probably because scientists have misled them all these years. But in reality, they’re teeny, weeny little things. And wet. And all over my ground.

Darling set straight to work creating a blogging opportunity for herself which she titled, “10 things you can do with Garland.” It has a rather Charlie Brown-like charm.

We got the tree up the other night. It’s plastic. We used to go chop down a live tree, but I got tired of traipsing about in the mud and rain, looking at tree after tree for what seemed like hours on end, only to come back to the first tree we’d looked at. Tree hunting isn’t my thing. So I stopped hunting. The family continued to make it a day without mom, which was fine by me and probably by them as well because I was getting grumpy those last couple of years. Even without going, I found myself grumpy. Why? They’d drag home a tree infested with spiders. You know how I dislike those creepy, eight legged arachnids. Having them crawling all over my house just didn’t set well with me. Now we’ve got a plastic tree. It doesn’t smell as good, but we can put it up right after Thanksgiving and not worry about watering it or having it die. Plus, when the cat knocks it over there’s no water to worry about in the carpet. Of course, there are no ornaments hanging on the bottom three feet of it because Cleo has decided she’s the official tree un-decorator.

Darling and I went for a different look this year.

Not everyone uses a lariat and a cowboy hat on their tree, then combines it with Cinderellas and Barbies from Hallmark. But we do. At least this year we have. We need a few more western themed ornaments to make it look like we want it to look. Perhaps I ought to hang our spurs? Or maybe we just need to hire a professional tree decorator.

Doesn’t everyone want ropes in their Christmas Tree?


Enough fun for now. I’ve got to go sweep those stars off the patio…

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