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Quiet Storm and Stephanie

Last year about this time, Darling and I were preparing ourselves for the heartbreak of a lifetime…we’d sold Quiet Storm. Stephanie came to pick her up in early December. I think I cried more than Darling. The only saving grace of the day was, of all things, the snow. It was keeping my face just wet enough that it hid my tears. I cried for a month, quietly, silently, hiding from Darling so she wouldn’t see. Darling dealt with her grief through writing. Eventually, though, the pain eased and life went on…

Until Molalla. We were just a week from leaving when we received word from Stephanie that her income was dwindling and there just wasn’t enough money to care properly for Quiet Storm…and could I possibly take her back? Half elated, half dreading, I said yes. City Boy would not be happy, I knew, but what else could I do? Horses aren’t selling well right now, and Storm…she’s special. I couldn’t just let her slip away into just anyone’s hands, so home she came with 3 other mustangs which were here for gentling.

Quiet Storm hadn’t changed. She was still small, still the bottom of the pecking order, and still trying to walk on your toes. Darling and I saddled her up and we went for a ride, me on Jet, she on Quiet Storm. All went well.

As suspected, City Boy was less than thrilled over the turn of events. While he likes Storm, she made mustang #8 out in our tiny field. I made a half hearted promise to find her a new home while secretly longing for her to be able to stay with us forever…


Is she not just the most adorable little pony you’ve seen?

I spent the summer playing with and gentling the other mustangs. What I didn’t do is put much effort into finding a home for our little mustang. Now and then I’d speak with someone about her, but things never worked out. Finally, in October, I decided I just needed to bite the bullet and let her go. Darling had her new horse, Dude, and in all honesty there just wasn’t room for her in the barn.

But you’ll never believe what happened next…


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What Happens In Vegas


Okay, so the mail comes and in it is an envelope addressed to me.  Return address?  Las Vegas, NV.  I open it up and it’s a hand written card from Mindy, who works at Diablo’s thanking me for my visit.

What visit?  Did I miss something?  Was there drinking and partying and a romantic entanglement and I’ve just forgotten?

And if I did visit…I thought what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas!

It’s a good thing my husband isn’t one of those guys who’s obscenely suspicious or jealous…or travels for his job and is left wondering how I spend my time whilst he’s away.

I’m contemplating sending the card back, along with my own handwritten note telling how that trip was confidential, and now my husband suspects foul play…and that he’s accusing me of having some torrid affair and my marriage is doomed and I’ll be living on the streets now, trying to make a living as a horizontal working girl.

Perhaps you’d care to share how you think my life has taken a turn for the worse as a result of Mindy’s thank you note?


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